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Fast rising motivational rapper, song writer who hail fro Edo state estako east local government presently living in abuja student from the University of Abuja .

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This street is not funny but hu dey work soppose dey smile

I have been through hell for long when nah steady I dey grind 

I depend on no one because oluwa dey my side 

I still dey work hard dey pray but the money dey my mind 

Like the boxer wey I buy I swear to God this hustle tight 

Just believe in yourself e go better nah space of time

This hustle no be waist but nah steady e dey wine

E no easy to drop pooverty cause that sheet e no be pride 

Bro this hustle no be tailor wetin u cut nah you go sow

Just hustle hard and believe say one day u self go blow 

No dey hate try relate no be all niggas self dey jonze 

Money no be tea but u have to take it hot before e cold 

Life e be like pizza nah hu get money nah dey chop am

No go give up for hustle cause nah only u go suffer 

This life nah though race nah men with mind nah Dem dey run am on God for the hustle we no fit tire to dey talk am 

On God ×7

On God for the hustle we no fit tire to dey talk am

On God x7

On god for the hustle we no fit tire to dey talk am

Verse 2

On God for life nah who dey live nah stills dey hope 

Everywhere rough for this street baba god we need ur comb 

E no go bad if we pull-up in benx we be our own 

Cause this pooverty no be colour but I swear e go fit stain ur cloth 

Nah sense Dem take dey run the race no be by ur speed 

U pass jamb na by grace no be by how you read 

If hustle nah menstruation why my own blood no dey bleed

 no be my doing nah God grace nah I take dey live 

If e sure for me today all my guy self Dem go rich 

This life is no fair e no go bad if my own bleach 

Oh Lord have mercy I no wan broke make mercy leave 

I rather die Dan to be opressed by pooverty 

Cause where money dey speak who broke go be talkative 

I never old but Dem say am wise with the word I speak

Keep ur self up wetin go be nah you go be 

On God let money be all I see

On God x7

On god for the hustle we no fit tire to dey talk am

Ón God x7 

On god for the hustle we no fit tire to dey talk am

Verse 3

No go lusguard for your squad because there won't be there for you 

E better for your gees no mean say e don better for you

This life nah game of throne everbody wan be King 

Steady bombing every night unserious Bois nah Dem dey sleep 

As na steady we dey burn am this money be like weed 

Too much effort I dey initiate when hustle no be winch 

On god on god still everywhere bad for me like this with god all things are possible devil go start dey preach 

This days table no dey turn nah who wise dey change him sit 

Hustle o make your girl no blur u commot for her pics 

I be pirate of my life this this hustle na my ship 

Always learn how to hustle hard never think of how to quit 

Even you cash or you no cash out wetin go be go be 

Life is simple to people wey no even Sabi read 

Nah failure dey bring success just keep trying and see

On God on God wetin go be nah you go be 


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