Justin Dean Stole My $5000, Korra Cries Out

Justin Dean Stole My $5000, Korra Cries Out

Obidi, who had said that she mistakenly sent the money into their joint account said Dean immediately emptied the account.

The singer said in her Facebook live video on Saturday that she could no longer be silent over her marriage, saying that the reason she had been silent over the marriage was that she knew the “internet  never forgets.”

“I did not want to speak about my divorce in public, it was a decision I made, knowing that the internet never forgets and considering that I’m putting my children first.

“But at this juncture, I have no choice but to do what I’m doing right now.

Obidi lamented that she had gotten a lot of bills to pay including a $21,000 meant for the lawyer over their divorce case, saying Justin had not been responsible for any bills even though he caused all of them.

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